1915 - 1992

Inducted 2021

Doug Charles

Doug Charles was born on January 11, 1915 at Pleasantdale, Saskatchewan.  Early in his life he developed a love for livestock.  His show career began in 1928 as a 4-H Club Exhibitor at the local fairs.

As a young boy he was a member of the LacVert 4-H Club and later, a leader of the Pleasantdale 4-H Swine Club.  This grew into an adult career of regularly showing horses at the Melfort Fair.  By 1942, he had already shown at the Saskatoon Fair and by 1949, he began a long succession of showing Clydesdales horses at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair where he won many prizes for the halter and team classes.

His biggest thrill was winning the six horse hitch class at the Royal Winter Fair in 1952.  In 1955 he was asked to drive the stage coach that brought the Right Honourable John Diefenbaker and his wife into the grandstand area at the Saskatoon Exhibition.

Doug was secretary of the Clydesdales Horse Association of Canada for many years.  He was very helpful to horse breeders throughout the country.  In his later years, he also became an avid harness maker.  Many people showing horses today are still using all or part of show harness made by Doug Charles.

His involvement in the raising, importing and showing of heavy horses kept the horse industry going during hard times.  It is doing well today partly because of his efforts and we owe much to him.  Doug Charles was a good friend and as one farmer said, “He was the kind of man you would like to have living next to you or just across the road”.  He was a valued neighbor.

Doug passed away on May 16, 1992.  While he may be gone his accomplishments live on.