1947 - 2018

Inducted 2021

Dennis Gordeyko

Dennis Gordeyko turned an early interest in the Clydesdale breed into a lifelong passion and business hobby.  Even as a child, Dennis had great interest and admiration for the “gentle giants”.  As a young man, he would attend local fairs and larger city shows and his appreciation for the breed grew.

Dennis and his older brother, Alan, shared a common interest.  Together they started their small hobby with two purebred Clydesdale mares.  It wasn’t long before the two men realized their hobby of producing foals and showing horses was becoming a larger business than initially anticipated.  They then decided to establish themselves individually in the world of the heavy horses.

Dennis imported several top quality stallions and mares from Scotland where the breed originated.  One of the foundation stallions of his line was Bardrill Enterprise, imported from Scotland in 1976.  Dennis established many good friends in Scotland over the years who shared a similar passion for the Clydesdale.  Several breeders and exhibitors from Scotland became especially close to Dennis and his family, visiting back and forth as often as possible.

Dennis was asked to judge classes at the National Stallion Show in Glasgow and the hitch classes at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh.  He was also invited to judge in Peterborough, England.  His ability to judge the quality of a good horse was recognized by many in Canada and the United States and, because of his “eye for a good horse”, he was invited to judge at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair and the Calgary Stampede, to name but a few.

Over the years, Dennis exhibited Clydesdales throughout Canada and the United States and sold many top quality Clydesdales to other established breeders in North America.  Horses bred on his farm were also exported back to Scotland.  Dennis Gordeyko was an important member of the “Heavy Horse Family”, both at home in Canada, in the USA and worldwide.  Together that family would share experiences and knowledge in order to maintain the quality of the heavy horse.

Dennis bred and showed many champions over the years and was known for his depth of pedigree in the Clydesdale bloodline he established.  Dennis’ expertise and passion for the Clydesdale breed will always be remembered and respected.